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19-20 October, 2017

The event will gather together up to 250 participants. It will be open to professionals from creative & cultural sectors, representatives of business and civil sociaty institutions and projects, researchers and policy-makers from Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries and EU Member States.

The forum is aimed to promote and enforce the perception of “culture” and “creativity” as drivers for growth and sustainable development as well as interconnection of economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions of societal well-being with inclusive public policy-making support. More specifically the event is purposed to contribute to

  • Sharing of the EU and EaP countries best practices&experience on promotion of CCIs leading to strengthening their impact on social, economic and human development
  • Raising awareness of Ukrainian cultural managers & practitioners, representatives of civil society and business, as well as researchers & public policy-makers on financial and other support available for cultural institutions and creative businesses maturing
  • Promotion of inter-ministerial & public-private cooperation on elaboration of public policies for national and regional cultural and creative industries support
  • Laying the ground for establishing and developing «Business+Government+Community» strategic alliances supporting and promoting CCIs development at local, national and international

Main two-days working programme will be organized around several topics related to international trends and best practices on fostering CCIs and the potential of culture for local, regional and national development.

During THE FIRST DAY of the event, within a key-note speech(es), a strategic approach to developing CCIs already approbated in the EU and other countries will be introduced to the participants. This logical development progression starts with activities creating favorable conditions for CCIs development, continues with strategies aiming at strengthening the cultural and creative sectors and entrepreneurs and finishes with initiatives bridging CCIs with other areas. Then, two panel discussions will focus on latest trends and developments in public policies and practices in fostering CCIs in Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries. A special session on mainstreaming of Ukrainian and EaP cultural actors in the EU networks will investigate internationalization, cooperation & networking as instruments for CCIs development. The session will also inform participants on opportunities for more active accessing EU funding through regional and international partnership development.

A separate module of THE SECOND DAY will provide an overview of the different funding and institutional support opportunities available for the actors of creative and cultural sectors from Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries. These opportunities will include those proposed by Ukrainian and by EU programmes and international donor institutions and projects. The forum will include a special module dedicated to business (stakeholder) consultations on main directions of inter-sectoral public policy support to be provided to CCIs in Ukraine. It is intended to adopt relevant concluding document by the end of the forum, eg. an Action Plan & Work Groups System. Interactive knowledge & best practices exchange sessions of the second day will serve as a dialogue platform for public sector, business community (IT-businesses, start-ups, etc.) and creators, with the aim to consider the factors stimulating innovation in local and national development, as well as at international level. The event is also purposed to provide creative techniques for innovative practices and solutions. It will include two to three practical knowledge & skills development workshops for representatives of cultural institutions & projects and creative businesses.

In parallel to the main programme of the event, Investor Consultations will offer a platform for meeting of actors from business community and donor institutions with creators of innovative ideas and initiatives ready for investment.